SCHERING LIFE SCIENCES is a Sri Lankan Nutraceutical company that specializes in distribution and marketing products in the areas of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD’s) with offices in Sri Lanka and Melbourne, Australia.

Our team formulates brands that is essential and vital in improving the wellbeing of those who seek to achieve a healthy life style that is posing a threat to its wellbeing that effects the overall health conditions.

Whereby we at SCHERING LIFE SCIENCES offers the best solutions of wellness through innovative products and services into one’s life.

We develop concepts in building effective strategies to achieve health objectives by providing high quality products and services that compliments and contributes to Celebrate Life Every Moment.

Our core services include, Product Development, Brand Development, Distribution, Retail Marketing and Customer Loyalty Services.

We are a perfect fit for suppliers who are seeking to enter the Sri Lankan and Asia Pacific (APAC) markets, or established brands who are looking at dynamic solutions to reach customers more effectively.

Our partnership agreements also offer product distribution opportunities in other major markets. Building on decades of experience and a global network of executives, we are a business partner to many leading brands and Nutraceutical and Medical Device Companies in the Asia Pacific region.

Natural Solutions for health practitioners and their patients

At Schering Life Sciences, our passion is to provide unique, high quality nutritional products along with exceptional customer service.

CARDIZ – Co Enzyme Q10 with EPA and DHA

We are committed to maintaining the exceedingly highest standard in selected therapeutic segments in non-communicable diseases, specialising in the cardiovascular disease whereby helping patients to achieve optimal health.

Orihiro Placenta and Collagen – Our cosmetic range of products manufactured in Japan. Aging is inevitable and unavoidable, considering this, therefore; there are several proven ways of minimizing and delaying its process. However, one of them is by supplementing with natural and high potent anti-aging products like Orihiro Placenta and Collagen that has been proved useful from time immemorial by different clinical tests.

Virtually everyone craves for a perfectly smooth, glowing and aesthetically pleasing and radiating skin. Considering the fact that one’s skin is synonymous with a mirror that reflects the nature and quality of his or her life, the skin needs to be taken care of and protected with natural anti-ageing collagen and placenta supplements like Orihiro Placenta and Collagen.