The medical screening revolution starts from the heart

RootiRx is a wearable device that captures single-lead ECG signal continuously and remotely. It is worn non-obstructively on the chest, avoiding the complexity and discomfort of traditional medical equipment.

The Intelligent Monitoring Solution

Our innovative RootiCare platform is an intelligent monitoring solution. It abstracts clinical-gradebiometrics from the ECG signal and uses deep learning to give insights derived from thousands of clinical cases, helping doctors leverage the collective intelligence of the medical community.

A powerful and dynamic screening tool

Through the deep learning of the RootiRx System, we are able to abstract vital signs from a user’s ECG signal. Along with data from the motion and temperature sensors, RootiRx becomes a powerful and dynamic screening tool, helping doctors to screen out possible diseases like insomnia, hypertension, or arrhythmia. A powerful and dynamic screening tool

Collect data and discover correlations

Because of its portability, RootiRx makes it easier to enroll patients in studies and collect precise data. By getting more useful data, RootiRx helps medical researchers gain insights and discover correlations.

More features of RootiRx


The preview mode of the RootiRx System allows the doctor to check the signal prior to recording, which translates to less invalid recordings and better diagnostic yield.


RootiRx has built-in Wi-Fi, allowing recordings to be directly uploaded to the RootiCare database anywhere there is Wi-Fi internet.


Weighing in at 14 grams, RootiRx brings ECG monitoring technology to the modern day, leaving cumbersome Holter monitors behind.


The IP58 water-resistant, wireless, single-use patch is discreet, yet reliable, even during showering or moderate exercise.


The user can simply press the button to tag an event if he/she feels uncomfortable, allowing the doctor to hone in and analyze areas of concern in the data later.


The motion sensor of RootiRx records a user’s daily activity and supplements the ECG data for a more detailed diagnosis